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10 best sex scenes in Santa Clara movies

To actually make it into the list, three factors were considered: the watchable nature of the film, the quality of the acting performance, and how successful that Santa was in performing his Christmas duties. Indeed, some Santas were better suited for their work than others mentioned today, so keep that in mind before you do any griping in the comment section below.

Now, just one honorable mention before we kick this one off. The department store Santa in A Christmas Story almost made it, yet upon further consideration: that guy was a dick! To be fair, this Santa was made of clay, and was simply voiced by actor Stan Francis, yet his performance in the cherished Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer television movie is as much a part of Christmas as eggnog, wrapped presents, and vicious family quarreling. Further, while this was a television movie usually the kiss of death for these top 10ssince it has been released in movie format countless times due to the insatiable demand of audiences everywhere, its Santa got the opening nod.

Bobbi Starr

Still, it took a while for this particular Santa to earn his stripes amongst the all-time greats. Still, at the end of the day, Santa came correct, and made things right, for he not only took Rudolph on as a permanent sleigh-pulling back-up, he even went to the Island of Misfit Toys, and made sure they all got a good home.

Thus, for holding a spot in the minds of most American Christmas lovers at least those over the age of 30and for pulling through at the end of the day, Claymation Santa slid in at Douglas Seale from Ernest Saves Christmas Just a few quick words for Mr. Douglas Seale, an industry legend, and one damn fine Santa Claus. Still, Mr. Seale made the best of it, and turned in the most professional and respectable piece of acting that Ernest Saves Christmas witnessed.

In the picture, Seale played an aging, about-to-retire Santa Claus on assignment in Orlando, FL, where he was supposed to recruit the new Father Christmas.

Naturally, Santa ran into all sorts of trouble on his trip, most of which was the result of his misfortunate choice of a cab driver Ernest. For those of you that enjoyed the Ernest films as a kid, like your humble author, do your best to resist the urge to revisit these.

Dan Aykroyd from Trading Places By the time he donned the red and white Santa suit, Winthrop Aykroyd was a ruined man. The results were staggering, for Winthrop descended into a life of crime, violence, and substance abuse in the same amount of time that it took his con-man counterpart, Valentine Eddie Murphyto rise into and succeed in the highest ranks of a commodity brokerage firm.

Once there, he tried to frame Valentine for drug use, yet failed miserably at this, and contented himself with scaring the holy hell out of the wealthy yuppies in attendance. It was a Santa Claus appearance that those Manhattan vermin probably never forgot, and for that, Aykroyd and Trading Places snuck in at 8. What the hell, Cantrell?

Although Santa did go to Mars, he was kidnapped by a bumbling crew of Martians whose weapons and tactics seemed to come off the back of a box of Crackerjacks. Truth be told, Santa was kind of a pussy in Santa Conquers the Martians.

Still, he did bring Christmas to another planet, which is great for galactic commerce and economic growth.

Kevin J. In summary, No Escape was a thriller starring Ray Liotta as a renegade ex-special forces commando, one imprisoned on a savage island prison for the rest of his natural life. When the Insiders had Christmas, Stephano dressed up as Santa and performed the obligatory gift distribution duties for the camp.

The move was popular, for everyone seemed to enjoy the makeshift gifts that were being tossed around. Thus, for providing a Christmas on an unsanctioned island prison, and making a damn fine show of it, Stephano got a nod. Edward Asner from Elf Shit, Elf was stacked!It needs to be known that here at Screenrant everyday is National Vampire day.

Considering the fact that vampire movies rule, it comes as no surprise that these creatures have a rabid fan base. But, how big are these fans, really? Have they seen every single vampire movie or decided which ones are the best? There's a ton of films out there so it can be tough narrowing them all down.

Scroll through the list to see the ten best vampire movies of all time! Francis Ford Coppola's take on the classic vampire story tries to be a faithful adaptation for adults. The plot centers around Dracula attempting to seduce a young girl, Mina, due to the fact that she looks so much like the count's long deceased lover. What's terrific about this version of the story is that it's unabashedly operatic.

All of the actors deliciously chew up their scenes and the production quality is top notch. It shouldn't come as a surprise that it took home the Oscar for best costume design. This undisputed '80s horror classic centers around a teenager named Charly Brewster William Ragsdale as he becomes increasingly suspicious that his neighbor is a vampire.

Ultimately, Charly enlists the help of a has-been horror television star played by the legendary Roddy McDowall. Although the film offers legitimate scares, it's also really funny in its self-awareness.

The very inclusion of Roddy McDowall was sort of a meta-commentary on his career at that time. These characters are high school kids hilariously reacting to the horrors of fighting vampires. If anyone needs another reason to watch it, there's also a kid in the movie named Evil Ed.

So that's hilarious. However, for the uninitiated, the series is about Bella Kristen Stewarta girl who can't stop eating her own hair, falling in love with a vegetarian vampire - deer meat only - named Edward Robert Pattinson.

Don't worry, there's also a werewolf played by a beefy Taylor Lautner. Basically, Edward gets to drive Bella around in a new Volvo every movie and make all the wet blankets in Forks, Washington feel like jealous lame-o's.

Vampires and werewolves rip each other's heads off at some point. Its all for Bella too, which is kind of cool if you're Bella. There's no denying the cultural impact these films had on the world. The series has an incredibly earnest and soapy love story at the center that gives the entire narrative a surprising amount of momentum.

What other films can say that they helped a dying genre once again glow as brightly as Edward's skin? Although the film's staging is admittedly static by today's standards, it forever solidified how vampires should be depicted in pop culture. Also, Bela Lugosi's performance makes for one of the most timeless movie monsters of all time.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the film is that it reminds people that vampires are meant to be scary.

10 best sex scenes in Santa Clara movies

From the hauntingly quiet sound design it has no music as a by-product of its time to it's black and white photography, the movie aims to frighten the audience. What's clever about the plot is that it centers around three vampire friends dealing with everyday life. They go on dates, clean dishes, and pay rent. All of the classic vampire tropes are parodied through these mundane activities.

One of the best lines in the film is, "I think we drink virgin blood because There's a lot of other great moments in the movie as well.

Rhys Darby making a brief appearance as a werewolf is a particular highlight. The film is a comedy, but what's also admirable is that all the vampire stuff looks legitimately cool.

There's a few vampire movies on this list where fans probably also read the books they films are based on. What could have easily been a wacky elevator pitch imagine there's a priest, but he's also a vampire!

10 best sex scenes in Santa Clara movies

Telling a vampire story through the perspective of a priest allows for all types of thematic possibilities.To help you with your search, browse the 13 reviews below for adult day care services in Santa Clara County. On average, consumers rate adult day care in Santa Clara County 4. Better rated regions include Santa Cruz County with an average rating of 5.

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Starr was born in Santa Clara, California. However, she has stated she pursued a career in pornography rather than in music due to her "curious nature" and becoming inspired after having watched a movie featuring Belladonna whom she later befriended in real life.

Starr expressed an ambition to study pre-med, with the aim of becoming a gynecologist. Her intent was to work within the adult entertainment industry, where she identified a lack of female gynecologists.

Starr began her pornography career at the age of She met someone who introduced her to the adult industry in San FranciscoCalifornia, but it took a year before she decided to enter the industry. Her initial works were bondage and submission scenes for Internet-based companies.

Parents Guide

She then transitioned to shooting various types of scenes for production companies in Los Angeles. Starr has appeared as the box-cover model for many movies by companies such as Red Light District Video and Combat Zone. Starr considers herself a pro-sex feminist. Even though she acknowledges that some feminists consider pornography to be degrading to women, Starr asserts, "I don't feel degraded because it is my decision.

I know that if I did ever feel degraded or feel uncomfortable, all I need to do is say no and it would stop. I don't think something where women have so much control in the situation can be considered degrading towards women. On July 2,Starr announced on her blog that she was expecting a child and had found someone with whom she could "spend the rest of [her] life. On August 31,Starr's business partner released a statement that Starr had moved on to "bigger and more important things," [15] and her website was duly closed down.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bobbi Starr. Santa Clara, CaliforniaU. Retrieved Retrieved 21 July Archived from the original on The Advertiser.Your best bets for quality streaming fare this week are small-budget indie films. Films featuring some A-List stars, meanwhile, disappoint.

The hitch? Chang, Eddie Alfano and Maiara Wilson. Details: 3 stars; available on various platforms July Charismatic actor Joel Hogan plays Patrick, an ex-con ditching a dishwashing gig to reteam with his former cohort in crime.

The scheme: Patrick unhappily married women and then he and his accomplice Donald Prabatah coerce wealthy hubbies to pay hefty ransoms. The seduction scenes could be better, but Mizelle does a remarkable job with limited resources. Rating: 3 stars, available for rental of several platforms. Details: 3 stars; available July 24 at select drive-ins and Virtual Cinema series; available July 28 via Video on Demand on several platforms.

What could have been as obnoxious as a babbling barfly turns into a potent piece of social commentary that regards its subjects with respect. Curie and Pike deserve better. Details: 2 stars; available July 24 on Amazon Prime.

10 best sex scenes in Santa Clara movies

Anwar leans heavily on the atmospherics early on as two women return to an ominous, tradition-bound, off-the-grid family home. Late in the game, Anwar springs the gore on us with the ferocity of a surprised tiger. This is the stuff of nightmares.

Details: 3 stars; available on Shudder streaming site. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in Movies. Actor and Oakland native will play a vendor as his voice will be heard as part of the background noise during A's games.

Anita meets pilar (angel aquino movie)

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He was booked at the Santa Clara County jail on suspicion of murder and child molestation, and was being held without bail. Jenna Lyons is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.


E-mail: jlyons sfchronicle. Piedmont closes playfield over refusal to heed health orders. Mass religious gatherings draw rebukes from NorCal officials. Manuel Lopez, 22 of San Jose was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of killing and sexually assaulting his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. Caption Close. Image 1 of 1. Back to Gallery. Most Popular. Popular SF food truck, restaurant to close permanently. SF man arrested in 3-vehicle wreck that injured 4. A's don't let Ohtani record an out in his return.

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